How Long Does Oil Last in a Car Not Driven?

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What happens to oil in a car that’s rarely driven? It’s a question that might sound odd, but it’s one that we at Strickland Brothers hear more often than you’d expect. Many car owners think a vehicle gathering dust in the garage doesn’t need its oil changed. But how accurate is this assumption? As automotive […]

Why is My Car Leaking Oil?

Fast Oil Change & Quick Lube - Wilmington, NC — Strickland Brothers 10 Minute Oil Change

In a world where every minute counts, drive-thru oil change services can be a lifesaver. Yet, as valuable as these services are, many vehicle owners overlook their importance, only to face problems like oil leaks. Addressing these leaks promptly is crucial to avoid escalating engine damage. We’ll share with you why your car may be […]

Can You Mix Synthetic Oil with Regular Oil?

Fast Oil Change & Quick Lube - Wilmington, NC — Strickland Brothers 10 Minute Oil Change

Can you blend synthetic oil with regular oil? If so, what are the implications? For many car owners, these questions trigger genuine curiosity. The decision to use either synthetic or regular oil, also known as conventional oil, in your vehicle isn’t just a matter of choice — it impacts your vehicle’s performance and longevity. Both […]

Oil Leaks in Your Car: Why It Happens and What You Should Do

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  Ever found yourself asking, “Why is my car leaking oil?” You’re not alone. This worry-inducing sight is something no car owner wants to see. Remember, oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle. It keeps everything running smoothly, but it can throw a spanner in the works when it starts escaping. That unsightly puddle under […]

What Oil Does My Car Take?

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So, you’re scratching your head and thinking, “What oil does my car take?” Don’t sweat it. You’re asking a crucial question. The oil you use in your ride is like the lifeblood of your engine. Get it right, and you’re cruising down the highway without a care in the world. But get it wrong? You […]

Can Low Oil Cause Overheating?

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Ever wondered if running low on oil can cause your car to overheat? If you’re serious about keeping your ride in tip-top shape, then you’re in the right place. We’re going to chat about the all-important job engine oil plays in cooling your car and what happens when the oil gauge starts dipping toward empty. […]

Should You Use Synthetic Oil in Your Car?

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Understanding the fundamental importance of engine oil to your car is an essential step toward optimal vehicle maintenance. Not only does it provide the necessary lubrication for the intricate moving parts of your engine, but it also aids in heat dispersion, preventing excessive wear and tear. Asking yourself, “Why do you need an oil change?” […]

How to Reset Oil Change Light

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When you turn on your vehicle, an array of lights illuminate your dashboard — one of these may be your oil change light. It’s easy to overlook this little symbol, but it plays an important role in keeping your car running smoothly. This light reminds you that your vehicle requires regular maintenance for optimal performance […]

How Many Miles Can You Go Over an Oil Change

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Regular maintenance is the key to a reliable, efficient vehicle, with oil changes topping the list. But the question often arises — how many miles over an oil change can you go? While delaying or overlooking this important vehicle care step is easy, pushing past recommended mileage without refreshing your engine’s oil can have serious […]

The Ultimate Guide to Oil Changes: Everything You Need to Know

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Regular oil changes are essential to vehicle maintenance, ensuring that your engine remains in good condition and runs efficiently. Understanding the importance of oil changes and recognizing the signs that your vehicle may need one can help you maintain your engine’s health and improve fuel efficiency. This guide to oil changes will cover the benefits […]