Why is My Car Leaking Oil?

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In a world where every minute counts, drive-thru oil change services can be a lifesaver. Yet, as valuable as these services are, many vehicle owners overlook their importance, only to face problems like oil leaks. Addressing these leaks promptly is crucial to avoid escalating engine damage. We’ll share with you why your car may be leaking oil and the essential role of regular oil changes in preventing such issues. Let Strickland Brothers be your go-to choice for quick and reliable oil change services.

Understanding What Engine Oil Does

Engine oil is a superstar in the life of your vehicle. It lubricates moving parts, reduces wear and tear, keeps your engine clean, helps manage heat, and ensures optimal pressure within the engine’s cylinders. You can think of it as the lifeblood of your car’s engine—critical whether you’re clocking thousands of miles or your vehicle’s barely leaving the driveway.
Ignoring regular oil changes can spell trouble. With the convenience of a drive-thru oil change near me, you can ensure your vehicle gets the maintenance it needs without disrupting your busy schedule. So, what happens if you don’t get your oil changed? Your oil loses effectiveness over time, exposing your engine to potential damage. This could mean increased friction and wear, overheating, and possibly a breakdown. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that regular oil changes are necessary to prevent engine wear and tear, which can lead to harmful emissions and lower fuel efficiency. Without the protective properties of fresh oil, the delicate parts of your engine are left vulnerable. Simply put, regular oil changes are an insurance policy for your car’s heart—the engine.

Common Reasons for Oil Leaks

Now, onto a more pressing issue—oil leaks. Seeing that telltale stain under your car can set off alarm bells, and rightly so. You need to understand the most common reasons for oil leaks, including worn-out gaskets, damaged oil pans, and improper installation, so you can act swiftly when faced with this situation.
Here are some common culprits of oil leaks:

  • Damaged Gaskets and Seals: Gaskets and seals are designed to keep oil contained, and over time, they may wear out or become damaged, causing leaks. Some gaskets and seals that are commonly affected include the valve cover gasket, oil pan gasket, cylinder head gasket, and seals around the crankshaft and camshaft.
  • Loose or Damaged Oil Filter: The oil filter’s role is to purify your oil by trapping contaminants, but if it’s not properly installed or if it gets damaged, it can become a source of leakage. An improperly installed filter might be too loose or cross-threaded, both situations that can lead to oil leaks. Similarly, if the filter or its seal is damaged, the oil may bypass it and leak out.
  • Loose Drain Plug: Located at the bottom of your oil pan, the drain plug is critical during an oil change as it’s used to drain old oil. If it’s not tightened properly post-change, or if it’s stripped or damaged, it can cause an oil leak.
  • Damaged Oil Pan: Your oil pan, found at the bottom of your engine, serves as a reservoir for your oil. It’s constantly exposed to road hazards like potholes, debris, or even curbs that can dent, puncture, or cause it to come loose. Any of these scenarios can create opportunities for oil to leak out.
  • Overfilled Engine: While your engine requires a certain amount of oil to operate efficiently, overfilling it can be just as harmful as not having enough. Excessive oil can generate higher pressure than what your engine’s seals and gaskets can handle, potentially leading to leaks or even engine damage. Skipping DIY oil changes and searching for an oil change near me is a good way to avoid this issue.
  • Cracked or Worn-Out Engine Components: Essential engine components such as the cylinder head, engine block, or other crucial oil passages can develop cracks or wear over time. This damage could allow oil to escape. Changes in temperature, poor maintenance, or just the aging of your vehicle can contribute to this wear and tear.

Keep in mind that these are common reasons for oil leaks, but the specific cause can vary depending on your vehicle’s make and model. If you spot an oil leak, get it inspected and repaired by professionals as soon as possible.

Signs of Engine Damage Due to Oil Leaks

When your car’s engine is starved of oil, it can lead to significant damage. However, recognizing the signs early can prevent more severe problems down the line. Some common signs of how to tell if an engine is damaged from no oil due to oil leaks include:

  • Dark Puddles Under the Car: An oil leak can cause dark puddles to form under your vehicle. This leaking oil can originate from various engine parts and pools underneath your car.
  • Smoke from the Engine: Dripping oil may hit the exhaust manifold, causing smoke to billow from your engine. This not only signifies a leak but can damage oxygen sensors and break down gaskets over time.
  • Dashboard Oil Light: A lit oil light on your dashboard can indicate low oil pressure caused by a leak. If unaddressed, this low pressure can lead to engine damage.
  • Engine Overheating: A sufficient oil supply is vital for cooling your engine. If a leak causes your oil level to drop, it can result in overheating and subsequent damage to engine components—or even engine failure.
  • Unusual Engine Noises: Odd noises like ticking or knocking can signify engine damage due to low oil pressure or inadequate lubrication.

It’s good to note that these are common signs, but specific symptoms can vary depending on your vehicle’s make and model. If you notice any of these signs, seek a qualified mechanic’s assistance to prevent further engine damage.

Regular Oil Change Help Prevent Oil Leaks

As a car owner, you might ask, why do you need an oil change regularly? The answer lies in the significant role oil plays in the overall health of your vehicle’s engine. So yes, regular oil changes can help prevent oil leaks, ensuring your vehicle’s longevity and efficiency. Here’s how:

  • Maintains Proper Lubrication: Changing the oil regularly guarantees optimal lubrication for your engine. Fresh oil has the appropriate viscosity and additives to reduce friction and wear on engine parts. This process alleviates excessive pressure on gaskets and seals, thus minimizing the chances of leaks.
  • Removes Contaminants: Over time, your oil can become saturated with dirt, debris, and engine byproducts. These contaminants can accelerate the wear and tear on gaskets and seals, making them more susceptible to leaks. Regular oil changes eliminate these contaminants, maintaining a clean engine and reducing the risk of leaks.
  • Prevents Oil Breakdown: Engine oil deteriorates over time due to heat, oxidation, and chemical reactions. As oil degrades, its ability to lubricate and protect engine components diminishes, increasing the chances of leaks. Regular oil changes ensure your engine is filled with fresh, high-quality oil, thus reducing the likelihood of oil breakdown and subsequent leaks.
  • Detects Early Signs of Leaks: During an oil change, professionals inspect the engine for any signs of leaks or damage. By regularly changing the oil, potential leaks can be detected early on, allowing them to be addressed before escalating and causing further engine damage.

It is important that you adhere to the oil change intervals recommended in your vehicle’s owner’s manual or specified by the manufacturer. Regular oil changes and proper maintenance can extend your engine’s lifespan and minimize the risk of oil leaks. At Strickland Brothers, we offer a 10-minute oil change near me experience with fast, efficient service that saves you time and helps keep your engine in peak condition, reducing the likelihood of oil leaks.

Final Word: Maximize Your Vehicle’s Health with Regular Oil Changes

Remember, addressing oil leaks promptly is vital to prevent significant engine damage. Regular oil changes play a significant role in maintaining the health of your vehicle and minimizing the risk of leaks. Strickland Brothers takes pride in delivering fast, friendly, and efficient service, including our signature 10-minute oil change. We are committed to exceeding your expectations and ensuring the longevity of your vehicle. Your next oil change is a visit away at Strickland Brothers.


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