Strickland Brothers Gains Franchise Owner in Denver Colorado

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Strickland Brothers 10 Minute Oil Change announced today their newest franchise owner in Denver, Colorado, Joe Young, with what will be a 3 location area development agreement. While Joe enjoys scenic drives through national parks and checking out the best local BBQ restaurants in his free time, he also has an entrepreneurial spirit. Joe’s desire to become an entrepreneur was sparked by the opportunity to pursue happiness and freedom for his family “while providing an honest service and giving back to the community.” He feels that his background in previously working for CarMax in Colorado has given him a level of comfort in working around automobiles in his new business. Joe stated that he was initially attracted to Strickland Brothers’ emerging brand and energy, as well as the business model. Joe expressed that by providing a drive-thru service, Strickland Brothers is able to provide both customers and employees safety during any future pandemics that may be encountered, and this drive-thru service “is what sets this business apart from competitors.”

Director of Marketing for Strickland Brothers, Ashley Maynard, expressed her excitement in having Joe come aboard as “his beliefs align with our Core Values. Joe believes in running an honest business and prioritizing customer’s satisfaction.” This is evident in a statement Joe made regarding his college professor. “”Customer, Customer, Customer” was quoted by my marketing professor Dr. PeterMax Miller everyday in class. It will either make or break your business in any industry.”

Justin Strickland, CEO of Strickland Brothers, stated, “We are excited and thankful to add Joe to our family at Strickland Brothers. As part of our selection process of new franchisees, it is absolutely imperative that the franchise owner align and embody with our values and Joe definitely fits that bill. Joe is joining another SB franchise owner in the Denver, CO area and together, we are optimistic that they will represent the brand with professionalism and character.”


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