November 11, 2020: Strickland Brothers 10 Minute Oil Change is thrilled to announce their newest franchise owners, brothers, Lu and Steve Walker. Lu and Steve are set to open a Strickland Brothers unit in the Atlanta, Georgia area. 

Lu states “My brother and I have both lived for many years in Atlanta and we are excited to bring this new business to the neighborhoods that we know so well. We own a CrossFit gym in Chamblee so we have experience providing an “essential” service to the folks of Atlanta!” What initially attracted the duo to the Strickland Brothers Franchise is “The simplicity and the customer-centric nature of the operating model make this a business we believe in. Our impression of the leadership team and their philosophy on service, trust and efficiency made this an opportunity we had to explore. What excites the siblings about Strickland Brothers is “The ability to own and grow a business with such solid fundamentals and in a very resilient industry is a big part of why we are excited to join the Strickland Brothers family. Justin and his team have found very innovative ways to disrupt this industry, and their singular focus on customer service portends great things the brand as it grows and for each of us as business owners.” When asked why they wanted to become entrepreneurs, they explained  “To be directly involved in the decisions that help a small business flourish. To be able to ensure that customers come first and use that principle to improve the lives of those our business impacts – namely our customers and our employees.” They are excited to further expand the Georgia market. Justin Strickland, CEO of Strickland Brothers, says “I had an awesome validation call with Lu that was nearly an hour learning about him, his background and business experience. He has a very impressive resume. We love the GA market for Strickland Brothers and feel like Lu and Steve are joining 3 other incredible franchise owners to penetrate the GA market. We are very grateful for our partnership with Lu and Steve and excited for their/our future, together.”