Strickland Brothers 10 Minute Oil Change


November 18, 2020: Strickland Brothers 10 Minute Oil Change announces their newest franchise owners, husband and wife, Steve and McBride Dutton. Steve and McBride are set to open one Strickland Brothers service center in the Kennesaw, GA area.

In their free time Steve and McBride enjoy golf, fast cars, family, fitness and spending time in nature together. They love to travel and anything Disney, but also have been known to dive with sharks from time to time. When asked what triggered them to want to become entrepreneurs, they explained that “Steve was raised by business owners, so when he turned 18 and was told to go to college and find a career he was confused! While success from a career is being achieved, the fulfillment of life is not. Becoming an entrepreneur and taking control of your future and establishing a quality of life is something we have been searching for. Serving others while achieving these goals is not something you can do working for someone else.”

When they started down their journey to entrepreneurship, Steve and McBride researched many small business opportunities. They stated, “ What initially attracted us to Strickland Brothers was the thoroughness and simplicity in the model. It looked like everything had been thought through and planned out- and it is an Essential Business, which is extremely important these days! It also brought us back to Steve’s roots. His Dad was a very well known auto repair shop owner, so the family business, in a way, will continue!”  The pair state “Getting to know the leadership team and knowing our success is truly their goal has been the best experience thus far. Other businesses we have explored have been a contract, handshake and a hardy good luck. So far the SB Oil team is focused on us and making this a successful business. We see a true partnership with a team that is fully invested in our success.” Steve and McBride state “We are super excited to be able to use the business to serve the community and the people of the community. Steve is a Kennesaw State graduate and having our business in this area allows us to reconnect to our roots and serve the great people of Kennesaw. Also working with those who join our team will allow us to use the business to build and invest in their success. Mentoring upcoming business leaders in the area and giving back to the community is truly a passion of ours.”

Justin Strickland, CEO of Strickland Brothers, commented on Steve and McBride, “Steve and McBride came in from GA and we were very impressed with them. We thoroughly enjoyed our time together at their discovery day and thankful that they have been able to move through the process with our brand. Their ideals on giving back to the community with their time and providing an excellent service experience matters to us. We want to be bigger than automotive. We want to provide growth opportunities, careers and an awesome place that our customers can trust. Steve and Mcbride are joining two other very qualified, awesome franchise owners in the GA market! We are grateful and thankful for them to be part of the SB family.”