October 30, 2020: Strickland Brothers 10 Minute Oil Change is excited to announce their first set of  franchise owners in Nevada, husband and wife, Anthony and Natalie Olheiser. Anthony says “I grew up in Napa Valley and have always had hospitality in my blood. My definition of hospitality is treating a total stranger like family. I’ve spent the last 25 years running some of the highest revenue grossing restaurants and entertainment venues in the country. As the Vice President of Food and Beverage for a Las Vegas Casino, I spend most of my days strategizing and developing new concepts. My most favorite part of my day is connecting and engaging with my employees and guests.” His wife, Natalie, says “I grew up in Las Vegas and spent seven years in the hotel industry, then transitioned into the live entertainment space where I opened one of the most iconic venues in the country, T-Mobile Arena.” The couple are set to open three Strickland Brothers service centers in the Las Vegas area.

When they’re not enjoying an intense Uno game, spending time with their 10 month old daughter, or taking Sunday morning walks,  Anthony and Natalie are focusing on their passion for hospitality. They desired to become entrepreneurs because “I’ve always wanted to own my own business, but never got serious about it until this past July, when I tested positive for Covid 19. As I was quarantining for 14 days away from my family, it made me think about what was really important in life. Family. In addition, we have a new baby girl, and we want to provide a future for her where we can be engaged parents, attend any of her events, and just be there to watch her grow.” And they feel they have found the perfect match with their Strickland Brothers franchise. Anthony and Natalie stated, “their attention to the guest experience, and the opportunity for us to bring an elevated level of hospitality to the automotive industry” is what attracted them to Strickland Brothers.  “Without a doubt, the consistent and thorough communication from everyone we’ve dealt with on the Strickland Team, was a big differentiator. Whether it was just a quick daily update, or a more important question regarding financing, we always received timely, accurate and informative feedback.” The Olheiser’s state. They are both excited for the return-on-investment potential the Strickland Brothers franchise has to offer. 

Justin Strickland, CEO of Strickland Brothers spoke highly of the husband/wife duo stating “From the validation call, we felt that Anthony and Natalie would be a great fit. The reality of our business is that lots of companies around the country can change oil. We simply try to find a way to do it a little differently. With that said, our customer satisfaction core value is where that difference starts. Anthony’s experience with employees and the hospitality background will certainly help Anthony and Natalie with their Strickland Brothers franchise. Aside from them being wonderful people with a lot of potential, Las Vegas is a really neat territory to see the Strickland Brothers name. We are grateful to see Anthony and Natalie lead the footprint into Nevada.”