Strickland Brothers 10 Minute Oil Change announces their newest franchise owners, husband and wife Martin Evans and Gianna Venturi. Martin and Gianna’s area will span across Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas with 15 Strickland Brothers stores.  When Martin & Gianna aren’t running for fun and traveling, what they’ve coined as “runcations”, they have been busy building very successful careers. They expressed their desire “to be in a position to have a greater impact on the business decisions and to chart [their] own destiny. [They] believe Strickland Brothers provides a unique chance to do just that within their strong operational system.”

When asked what attracted them to Strickland Brothers, Martin and Gianna stated, “We were presented with an incredible story; laser-focus on operational excellence and efficiency, done in a way that gives back and makes you proud to be associated with the Strickland Brothers family. We’re excited to be joining a business that believes the oil change business can be beautiful, and deliver excellent customer service….to be the Chick-Fil-A of oil changes! Strickland Brothers has a heart and integrity, and the customers will come to love it as they learn about it.”

They feel that what sets Strickland Brothers apart from other franchise opportunities is “the Strickland team led by Justin has a great focus on and deep understanding of the business – and how to set it up so each shop can hum like a machine! Getting in on the ground floor as an early franchisee allows us to be a part of what will be an amazing success, and to have a chance to help impact the direction of that success. There’s a great balance that exists in SB of processes and support, coupled with space to be entrepreneurial and find new approaches to problems. It’s a difficult balancing act but well executed at SB.”

Martin and Gianna expressed that they found CEO, Justin Strickland’s, life story and success in business to be inspirational and humbling, “and his focus on family and what he’s done for his is noteworthy. We’re inspired to be charting a similar course for our families and looking to impact our family’s dreams as well.” 

Justin Strickland echoed his excitement to have Martin and Gianna on board the Strickland Brothers team. “Martin and Gianna exemplify what we look for in a franchisee. It is so important that the franchisees possess certain qualities that can easily co-exist with our values, culture and belief; Martin and Gianna fit that description perfectly. The conversations have been very easy. Early on in their franchising process, it was evident that they would be ambassadors and excellent franchise owners of their Strickland Brothers operation. Our brand is better by having them be a part of us. We are excited for years of growth alongside them both.”