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Tanicia Ivey oil change women in franchising

Winston-Salem, NC – March 1, 2021

Tanicia Ivey is the Executive Assistant for Strickland Brothers 10-Minute Oil Change. She works one-on-one with the Founder, CEO & President, Justin Strickland, and when it comes to her work she is the queen of multitasking. From putting together territories for candidates, to running the numbers and the evaluations for proposed franchise sites, she is always on the work grind and readily available for Strickland Brothers’ Franchise Partners. Read my interview below with Tanicia about the rapidly expanding concept and her views on women in franchising.

What do you love most about your role and Strickland Brothers?

I love our strong family-oriented values that continue to evolve even as we grow! Everybody that we work with from our Franchise Owners to vendors, and beyond, is like family. If somebody has an idea or needs help with something, we all come together to figure it out. It makes things a lot easier when working because you have so much support in addition to the culture and morale of everyone around you. It’s a great aspect to have within the brand. We work hard here at Strickland Brothers, and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Do you have a female role model?

My mom because she has done a lot in her life. My parents met in the army, and as I grew up, my dad remained in the army until I graduated high school. My mom had to do a lot on her own while he was in the field or in Korea, but she still went to school and became a nurse all while raising three kids. She is truly amazing!

Why do you think women make great franchise business owners?

It has a lot to do with how much motivation women have. As women, we have many roles, and we’ve come a long way from the lives women had in our history books. We are able to have family and career goals, and it’s awesome to see so many women make the decision to become a Strickland Brothers’ Franchise Owner and use it as a platform to accomplish great things. It shows how evolved we’ve become and it shouldn’t be overlooked how powerful and strong women are, even in a traditionally male dominated industry like Quick Lube.

What is something you’re excited for in the coming year with Strickland Brothers?

Our growth initiatives continue to explode both corporately and with our franchising efforts. We continue to open new corporate locations and are currently assisting many Franchise Owners in various stages of site selection and construction and it’s been amazing to witness and be a part of! We have awarded close to 150 units in less than a year, with goals of opening 50 new locations across the US in 2021 alone. Collectively, we have set the bar high and strive to become a household name while keeping our values front and center.

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About Strickland Brothers 10 Minute Oil Change

Strickland Brothers 10 Minute Oil Change is an independently owned and operated business offering fast and friendly oil change services, along with a variety of preventative maintenance services for your vehicle. Our drive thru oil changes, tire rotations, vehicle inspections, fleet service programs and more are now available at any of our 28 corporate and franchise owned locations.

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