Strickland Brothers 10 Minute Oil Change

Strickland Brothers 10 Minute Oil Change is excited to announce their newest Franchise Owners, husband and wife, Anabel and Mike Allen, out of Houston, Texas. Anabel and Mike come to the Strickland Brothers family with military backgrounds. Mike is a retired US Navy Chief and served for 23 years as a P-3 mechanic prior to his retirement. Since retiring, he has worked in manufacturing in aviation, oil and gas and the automotive industries. Anabel is still serving in the military with a combined total service of 19 years, 4 in the Navy as an enlisted jet mechanic and the rest in the Air Force Reserves as an Aviation Maintenance Officer.

When asked what attracted the pair to Strickland Brothers, Anabel stated, “Initially, Mike and I were intrigued by the story of how Strickland Brothers came to be with Justin’s humble beginnings; then, during our research for what could be the perfect franchise for us, the simplicity of the business model only added to the interest to learn more about it. When we met Justin, Mark and the rest of the team during Discovery Day, that only sealed the deal as we knew this was the perfect venture for our family because Strickland Brothers’ vision and concept of servant leadership in the community aligned with ours and with our goals for the future.”

The Allens are excited about the partnership with Justin, Mark and the rest of the Strickland Brothers Team, and the excitement is mutual. Justin Strickland stated, “Mike and Anabel are salt of the earth people. We believe that they will represent the Strickland Brothers brand the way it should be represented. They are high caliber individuals that will be committed to their business and values. We are grateful to have them welcomed into the Strickland Brothers family.”

Anabel continued, “We are looking forward to the new adventure [we’re] about to experience. In the almost 20 years of marriage we have had a great life full of challenges and new experiences both in the military and in the civilian world but this one is by far the most we have been out of our comfort zone. We have lots to learn but that is what life is about so we welcome the challenge.”

The concept of being an entrepreneur came to Anabel a few years ago while working in Corporate America for a global company. She was less than happy with working through holidays and weekends and missing out on time with family to instead help her customers. She further explained, “I believe in customer service and the commitment that comes with serving all of our customers and if I wanted to have control of that, I understood it would have to be through ownership of a business that was mine. Mike and I come from very humble beginnings ourselves from the Philippines and Mexico respectively and this offers an opportunity to be able to enjoy life together still working hard but this time for us while building something that could be passed on to our children.

Anabel and Mike Allen