Strickland Brothers 10 Minute Oil Change

As we are experiencing unprecedented times in the world, we are aware of the hardships many families are currently facing. Strickland Brothers truly cares about each of their employees and their families, and for this reason the Strickland Brothers Team has set up a hardship grant application for any of our employees that have been directly impacted by COVID-19. 

Justin Strickland, CEO, affirmed, “We are proud of everyone in our company. Their efforts and dedication to employee and customer health and wellness are unmatched. In a time where layoffs and substantial pay cuts are commonplace, we are very proud to report 0 layoffs and 0 furloughs. In addition to this, we are aware that many of our employees have had spouses let go. We have added an Employee Hardship form to a secured site for employees to privately communicate with us on their situations and what they need help with such as rent, food, power, water, etc. If someone comes to work for us and puts a Strickland Brother’s uniform on, they are an asset to our company and should be treated as such.”

Heather Varner, Director of Human Resources, expressed her deep appreciation for our Strickland Brothers employees, stating, “We understand that these current times are difficult and have been a learning curve for everyone; financially, emotionally and physically as they still work hard every single day. We want to continue to let our employees know that we are here to help them as much as possible, to take a little stress off of them during these worrisome times. We know we will overcome this, but having extra support and knowing we will get through this together really does produce a different outlook.”