Strickland Brothers Family,

During a time of crisis, I would not want to be at any other organization in the world. Strickland Brothers preaches and teaches family owned, family values. Our core values are speed of service, customer satisfaction, professionalism and servant leadership. These words are more than words on a wall, we implement them daily and our culture is intentional.

Being in business, the internal struggles and unfamiliarity of this situation is so real. Our corporate job descriptions have changed to essentially cheerleading, culture contributors, and damage control management. Our staff in the service centers deserve so much credit. Please ensure they get the credit they are due. We are a family. I personally reached out to multiple store managers in our company this morning to check on them and ensure they had everything they needed personally and professionally. They matter. I wanted to share a few responses I received. One manager told me “I am sorry we are slow, but we are ensuring each customer has an awesome experience while we aren’t very busy.” Another said, “we are spending time training and developing our people to prepare them for the growth we are confident we will see when life resumes as normal.”

Budgets and business are delayed for now as they are not our highest priority. Our people are. As I have stated multiple times, my primary motivation for what we do is to watch not just the professional development but the personal development of our people. I have more joy in my heart today, in the middle of arguably the largest crisis our country has seen in 30+ years than I have on record sales months.

What an amazing group of folks that have built this company and I couldn’t be more thankful to be a part of their and your journeys.

Again, please be reassured that we are stable and prepared to take this on, together.

Justin W. Strickland


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