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What is the Best Oil for Winter?

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As winter approaches, the performance of your vehicle should be top of mind — especially when it comes to engine maintenance. Motor oil plays a central role in how well your car runs, particularly during colder months when engine wear occurs during cold starts. Whether you’re considering a drive-thru oil change or wondering what happens […]

Synthetic Oil Guide: Everything You Need to Know Before Using

  Choosing the right oil for your car is essential for its performance and longevity. The type of oil you use can affect fuel efficiency, wear and tear, and the frequency of oil changes. So, it’s not just about picking any oil—it’s about picking the right one for your specific needs. If you’re thinking about […]

How Long Does Oil Last in a Car Not Driven?

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What happens to oil in a car that’s rarely driven? It’s a question that might sound odd, but it’s one that we at Strickland Brothers hear more often than you’d expect. Many car owners think a vehicle gathering dust in the garage doesn’t need its oil changed. But how accurate is this assumption? As automotive […]