532 Strickland Brothers 10 Minute Oil Change

532 Strickland Brothers 10 Minute Oil Change


1302 S Cannon Blvd
Kannapolis, NC 28083



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4.8 Star Customer Rating

Based on a survey of over 250,000 Strickland Brothers Oil Change customers annually

532 Strickland Brothers 10 Minute Oil Change


I’ve been getting my oil changed with Strickland brothers since they took over the south patrick drive location for about 3 years now and they are always efficient and never try to bribe or sell you anything you don’t need. They usually change my oil from start to finish about 10-15 mins and are always accommodating, offering water on those especially hot days. I have an older car and they offer the high mileage oil and always keep record of my visits and remind me by mail and by text me of my next one. I def recommend Strickland brothers. Check them out today!

–Lindsay Edwards

Kind, helpful, quick and efficient. 18 outta 10 would recommend ����������������

–Andrew Reid

These guys are always efficient courteous and fun! Very thorough. Always make sure everything is taken care of. Love that it is quick and easy!

–Jacque Mcbride

Shoutout to Brandon, TK and Rashida who worked on my car recently. They were friendly, professional and made sure everything was running great before I left. I recommend this location.

–Jared Hill

This was my first time coming here and was impressed. They did a great job. They were thorough, professional, and friendly. Even provided a bottle of water, and a cute dashboard Christmas duck when they were done.

–Kathy Ladd

They are a well oiled machine (pun intended)

I’m mostly just impressed with how well ran the business is. They call out every move they make like chefs in a kitchen. The communication between them is superb and that trickles down to how they interact with the customer as well.

They break down every move they make, show you every step of the process, and send you off with a smile (and a free bottle of water!)

Even afterwards they’ll send you a reminder message with a discount code 2 months after your last appointment.

I couldn’t recommend them more!

–Treeboy Productions

This was my 1st time getting an oil change anyplace other than the dealership. I was pleasantly surprised how fast, efficient & friendly they were. I will definitely be going there from now on!

–Ilene Bonson

Super friendly and fast service. The guys here are knowledgeable and make getting an oil change feel like a fun errand

–Genesis Rodriguez

I love this place! It’s quick and easy. I don’t have to get out of my car or drop it off. The people who work here are awesome. Always very kind and professional. Thanks!!!

–Jamei Gibson

Fast , Professional, giving and informing me about the task at hand . Friendly as can be . I appreciate the job . Excellent prices. ������‼️#1

–nathaniel hernandez

Everyone was incredibly amazing! Great customer service! All three technicians offered me a bottle of water. They made sure I was taken care of, and chatted politely with me during appropriate times during my oil change. It was exceptionally hot out yesterday, and despite being obviously hot themselves working outside, they were incredibly cheerful. EXCELLENT customer service. Quick turnaround…everything you look for in an oil change. Highly recommend!

–Angel of Beth

Extremely professional, quick and nice/polite team. I really appreciated their work ethic and positive attitude.

–Tashea Davis

I came to Strickland after waiting 3 hours at PepBoys and all I can say is that they live up to their 10 minute oil change claim. I pulled up and one of the employees came up and greeted me and asked if I was getting my oil changed and immediately helped me pull into the servicing area. I didn’t have to get out of my car. They provided a check of all my lights and made sure everything was functioning. The oil change for full synthetic was $89 but I had a $10 off coupon from the website. I definitely recommend to anyone looking to get in and out of an oil change instead of waiting hours at another auto center. They are efficient, friendly, and affordable! I will be returning! 5/5

–Imran Abdul

These young men were exceptional from start to finish. I don’t know the names of the other young men. But Elijah was who I first encountered and he set the tone for my first experience using this service. Kind, polite and informative. He gave me praise for driving into the space correctly. They worked as a team very expeditiously and they deserve to be rewarded. There was only hard work, kindness and smiles/laughter. Thank you guys for a great experience. I’ll be back (In my best Arnold Schwarzenegger impression) LOL. Whoever was on this shift, thank you and I hope you enjoyed the pizza and soda!

–Della Smith

Best service ever!!! From the manager to the crew… very helpful, knowledgeable, and respectful! Gotta love them!!! Thanks Everyone!!!��

–Jacqueline Kersey

I visited this establishment today and had a wonderful experience. It’s the visit that I had last year that is worth noting though. I was turned away for an oil change, because the manager on duty looked at the condition of my current, full synthetic oil and told me that he would be “taking my money” by changing the oil, due to the fact that my current oil was not at all low, and appeared quite clean. “Come back after another 2k miles or so”. He said! I did, and will be bringing all of my vehicles here forever. The fact is that 99% of his competitors would have changed the oil, in good conscience and never said a word. He saved me $100 or so that day, but gained a lifelong customer for the business.

–R DeFloria

They are so professional, kind & quick! Always honest and fair priced! I initially tried them because my last name is the same ��, but now I will never go anywhere else! Love the staff and service! Thank You!

–Amber Strickland

Staff members were great, very respectful, quick service!!!

–Isadora Rivera

This is the only place I like to get my oil changed! Even after moving from Proctorville to another area I still go back to this location to get my oil changes. Excellent customer service, the guys treat you with upmost respect & they always do the job in just the right amount of time!

–Diane Hatfield

Have used them several times. They are all friendly and fast. Staff are enjoyable to talk to , nice all around. Do a thorough inspection. All workers are professional, highly recommend.

–James Ballard, Jr.

I’ve been going to Strickland Brothers for about 2 years now and I have NEVER had a bad experience. They are always polite and thorough in explaining what they are about to do or are doing. I had to wait like 20 minutes today because they were working on another vehicle. But once they were finished with my oil change, the gentleman gave me $10 off for my wait. From start to finish with my oil change, it took 10 minutes (not including the wait time).

–Amy Arigan

TJ could not have been nicer. This experience was without any stress at all. TJ explained everything and was so polite. All of the guys were super professional. It literally was 10-15 minutes and I was on my way. I will definitely go back and have my family members go as well.

–Carolyn Sterling

They were great and fast. I liked that we can see what work is being done and take the guesswork out which is what usually happens. They were very helpful and explained everything. I will definitely use their services again.

–Stephie Abraham

Jessie and Robert were both very friendly & helpful. Besides the oil change, I needed a new brake light. I was asked if I wanted any suggested service, not told that it was done after the fact (& that my bill would be more expensive than first thought), and I appreciated that

–Helga Ridgeway

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